Ashwell Parish Registers - Transcript

Additions and Corrections


Baptisms - additions

25 Dec 1690Mary LEVITT, d. of Thomas and Mary
4 Jan 1690/91Edward EVES, s. of Thomas and Catherine
6 Jan 1690/91Mary IZZARD, d. of Michaell and Prudence
1 Feb 1690/91Richard BAYLEY, s. of Richard and Anne
8 Feb 1690/91William TICKLE, s. of William and Eliz:
1 Mar 1690/91Anne JENNINS, d. of Isaac and Eliz:
15 Mar 1690/91John WESTON, s. of Thomas and Mary
15 Mar 1690/91Elizabeth MASON, d. of Francis and Anne
15 Mar 1690/91Thomas HILLS, s. of Thomas and Abigail
8 Jan 1743/44Jonathan PICKING, s. of Jonathan and Hanah

Baptisms - corrections

4 Jul 1830Anne PACK was born on 30 Jul 1829

Marriages - additions

8 Apr 1816Richard GENTLE (Widower) of this parish &
 Sarah BAINES (Spinster) of this parish

Marriages - corrections

21 Jan 1755Ann BAILEY [not ABILEY; same error as in IGI]
17 Feb 1826James WALDOCK [not Thomas]
27 Apr 1813William LANGHAM [not 22 Apr]

Burials - corrections

21 Oct 1796Abel BRAY, an infant [not BRAYAN]
18 Sep 1853David WALDUCK was aged "1 year"
5 Jan 1854Jonas WALDOCK (infant) [not 1853]

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