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Bethnal Green District



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Charles Edward  1906Bethnal Green District I22774
2 Bausor, Ellen Martha  1866Bethnal Green District I19768
3 Beeton, Alice Sarah  24 Nov 1902Bethnal Green District I15922
4 Bowerman, Bernard  1886Bethnal Green District I22074
5 Bowerman, Louisa  1840Bethnal Green District I20198
6 Bracknell, Henry Benjamin  3 May 1851Bethnal Green District I19391
7 Burridge, Charles Wallace  1882Bethnal Green District I21684
8 Burton, Norman Stanley  25 Jun 1926Bethnal Green District I20359
9 Clarbour, Reginald A  1927Bethnal Green District I19959
10 Clayton, Arthur  15 Jul 1903Bethnal Green District I16591
11 Clayton, Violet  31 Dec 1904Bethnal Green District I16590
12 Coquard, Amelia  1913Bethnal Green District I16230
13 Cunnew, John  1855Bethnal Green District I21694
14 Davis, Harold Alfred  1906Bethnal Green District I20469
15 Desbois, Arthur Silas Alfred  5 Feb 1884Bethnal Green District I11246
16 Dowd, Elizabeth  30 Jun 1851Bethnal Green District I19446
17 Dowd, Fanny  30 Jun 1851Bethnal Green District I19447
18 Dowd, Sophia  1838/1839Bethnal Green District I19448
19 Downes, Alfred William  1902Bethnal Green District I22650
20 Downes, Alice Louisa  1905Bethnal Green District I22643
21 Duncombe, William Robert  1871Bethnal Green District I16141
22 Dyer, Adeline Ophelia Ashton  Aug 1862Bethnal Green District I16219
23 Fernley, Mary Ann  1861Bethnal Green District I22804
24 Greaves, Kenneth Henry John  1928Bethnal Green District I22843
25 Green, Thomas Edwin  7 Apr 1873Bethnal Green District I15978
26 Harrison, Julia Evelyn  Bethnal Green District I19169
27 Harrison, Julia Evelyn  1901Bethnal Green District I19170
28 Harrison, Mary Ann Elizabeth  1901Bethnal Green District I19171
29 Hawksbee, Grace Lilian  7 Oct 1912Bethnal Green District I19550
30 Hawksbee, Rosina Mary  1907Bethnal Green District I22146
31 Macdonald, Leonard  11 May 1883Bethnal Green District I16194
32 Mayo, Lillie Constance  1872Bethnal Green District I9837
33 Mayo, William  6 Feb 1842Bethnal Green District I9814
34 Moss, Annie Emily  1904/1905Bethnal Green District I22839
35 Moss, Rose Rebecca  14 Jun 1890Bethnal Green District I19378
36 Murphy, Alice  15 Apr 1881Bethnal Green District I15920
37 Newell, Alice Louisa  28 Jun 1889Bethnal Green District I16345
38 Orbell, Lilian  11 Feb 1916Bethnal Green District I22969
39 Perry, Grace Violet  15 Jun 1908Bethnal Green District I22645
40 Pickard, Alfred Richard  19 Nov 1856Bethnal Green District I18833
41 Pickard, Mary Ann  27 Jul 1846Bethnal Green District I12713
42 Pomphrett, Elizabeth Louisa  16 Feb 1907Bethnal Green District I19958
43 Power, Alfred Robert  29 Jul 1895Bethnal Green District I16446
44 Purcell, Caroline Margaret  25 Oct 1906Bethnal Green District I16444
45 Purcell, Eliza Harriet  31 Jul 1913Bethnal Green District I16448
46 Purcell, Emily Martha  22 Sep 1909Bethnal Green District I22704
47 Purcell, Frederick Charles  27 May 1915Bethnal Green District I16449
48 Purcell, George James  13 Aug 1912Bethnal Green District I16447
49 Purcell, Henrietta Dorothy  1910Bethnal Green District I22703
50 Purcell, Ivy Amelia  3 Aug 1917Bethnal Green District I16450

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Matches 1 to 50 of 106

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, James Norris  6 Jul 1907Bethnal Green District I6630
2 Anderson, Charles Edward  1906Bethnal Green District I22774
3 Baddall, Catharine  Bethnal Green District I9701
4 Bausor, Ellen Martha  1867Bethnal Green District I19768
5 Beale, Elizabeth  1887/1888Bethnal Green District I11155
6 Beeton, Alice Sarah  1903/1904Bethnal Green District I15922
7 Belsham, Irene L  1924/1925Bethnal Green District I16431
8 Blenko, Annie  1913Bethnal Green District I13032
9 Blenko, Ernest Albert  1919Bethnal Green District I13398
10 Blenko, James Alfred  Bethnal Green District I4949
11 Boreham, Susannah  1887Bethnal Green District I19399
12 Bowshall, Eliza Martha  1884Bethnal Green District I19760
13 Bracknell, Henry Benjamin  1853Bethnal Green District I19391
14 Bracknell, John Barlow  1880Bethnal Green District I19342
15 Bracknell, Philippa  1883Bethnal Green District I19348
16 Bracknell, William John  1903Bethnal Green District I19338
17 Clapham, Dan Taylor  1869/1870Bethnal Green District I19458
18 Clapham, James Arthur  1868Bethnal Green District I19457
19 Clayton, Edwin Edward  1912Bethnal Green District I16486
20 Cohen, Leah  1957Bethnal Green District I6230
21 Coquard, Henry Joseph  1940Bethnal Green District I16228
22 Cunnew, John  1856Bethnal Green District I21694
23 Desbois, Arthur Silas Alfred  1887/1888Bethnal Green District I11246
24 Desbois, Emily Victoria  1895Bethnal Green District I11192
25 Desbois, Herbert Stanley  1890Bethnal Green District I16150
26 Downes, Alfred William  Bethnal Green District I22650
27 Downes, Alice Louisa  1905Bethnal Green District I22643
28 Dyer, Adeline Ophelia Ashton  1863Bethnal Green District I16219
29 Fernley, Mary Ann  1861Bethnal Green District I22804
30 Franklin, Richard Thomas  1922Bethnal Green District I15921
31 Freer, Arthur Albert  1926/1927Bethnal Green District I17437
32 Garner, Amelia  Bethnal Green District I19381
33 Gibson, Arthur  Bethnal Green District I1432
34 Green, Thomas Edwin  1876/1877Bethnal Green District I15978
35 Groves, Ann Louisa  26 Oct 1880Bethnal Green District I1498
36 Hannay, William  1889/1890Bethnal Green District I11194
37 Harrison, Julia Evelyn  1901Bethnal Green District I19170
38 Harrison, Julia Evelyn  1903Bethnal Green District I19169
39 Harrison, Mary Ann Elizabeth  1901Bethnal Green District I19171
40 Hawksbee, Rosina Mary  1908Bethnal Green District I22146
41 Hooton, Alfred James  1863/1864Bethnal Green District I11162
42 Hopkins, Emma  24 Jan 1918Bethnal Green District I11198
43 Hopkins, Richard  1901Bethnal Green District I11201
44 Kitchener, Irina  1873Bethnal Green District I13065
45 Lake, Eleanor Sarah  1875Bethnal Green District I12806
46 Macdonald, Amelia Lucretia  1868Bethnal Green District I11156
47 Macdonald, James  1884/1885Bethnal Green District I1065
48 Macdonald, Leonard  1883Bethnal Green District I16194
49 Macdonald, Mary Ann  1887/1888Bethnal Green District I473
50 Martin, Susannah  12 Dec 1856Bethnal Green District I789

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Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Botfield  1929Bethnal Green District F7349
2 Avent / Cary  1922Bethnal Green District F4326
3 Bagley / Cary  1925Bethnal Green District F5927
4 Blenko / Booth  1921Bethnal Green District F2308
5 Cary / Rymer  1935Bethnal Green District F5928
6 Clayton / Rodrigues  1903Bethnal Green District F848
7 Gibbard / Poyton  1910Bethnal Green District F6573
8 Hold / Thornton  1933Bethnal Green District F6776
9 Jesseman / King  1891Bethnal Green District F895
10 King / Poyton  1900Bethnal Green District F6568
11 Marsh / Purcell  1933Bethnal Green District F5791
12 Martin / Poyton  1893Bethnal Green District F6569
13 Orbell / Cope  1932Bethnal Green District F7396
14 Philbey / Purcell  1950Bethnal Green District F7336
15 Pickard / Holmes  1876Bethnal Green District F4727
16 Poyton / Diggins  1905Bethnal Green District F6571
17 Prestage / Sowden  1926Bethnal Green District F5926
18 Sharpless / Clarbour  1932Bethnal Green District F6404
19 Wiseman / Macdonald  1930Bethnal Green District F5929