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Stevenage District



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bradsell, Roy Lipsham  30 Nov 1985Stevenage District I21441
2 Brown, Kathleen Wilma  5 Mar 1995Stevenage District I425
3 Bryant, Stanley Jack  1983Stevenage District I9757
4 Bryant, Winifred Olive  1981Stevenage District I9755
5 Bullimore, Leslie Albert Edward  1989Stevenage District I17231
6 Carter, Herbert Richard  1995Stevenage District I14374
7 Christy, Gilbert George  1994Stevenage District I17424
8 Collins, Joyce Esther  1988Stevenage District I14237
9 Colls, Robert Henry  1989Stevenage District I14306
10 Covington, Gladys Sarah  1995Stevenage District I17976
11 Coxall, Alice Elizabeth  6 Apr 1981Stevenage District I14077
12 Duffy, Frank Alfred Reginald  29 Oct 1984Stevenage District I14201
13 Francis, Gordon William  1985/1986Stevenage District I14250
14 Gibson, Elsie Louisa  Nov 1982Stevenage District I1422
15 Gibson, George Fernley  1989Stevenage District I1429
16 Gibson, Lillian  4 May 1983Stevenage District I1428
17 Jeeves, Horace Frank  1990/1991Stevenage District I3503
18 Lancaster, Georgina Henrietta  1992Stevenage District I14291
19 Lay, Algernon Stanley  1980Stevenage District I14960
20 Lewis, Peter John  3 Feb 1982Stevenage District I21234
21 Macbeth, Gilbert John  1980Stevenage District I14064
22 Pettengell, Lossadie Martha  1985Stevenage District I13232
23 Randall, Kate Pretoria  1993Stevenage District I6401
24 Revels, George William  1987Stevenage District I14315
25 Reynolds, Sidney Owen  1982Stevenage District I14324
26 Scott, Teresa Ramona  4 May 1989Stevenage District I20080
27 Sole, Barbara Irene Haggerwood  12 May 1989Stevenage District I3553
28 Stansall, Graham Basil  1982Stevenage District I18554
29 Stansall, William Alan Butcher  1984Stevenage District I18553
30 Waldock, Iris Emily  1987Stevenage District I16919
31 Waldock, Joseph William  1984Stevenage District I5876
32 Waldock, Kate Lavinia  1987Stevenage District I17256
33 Worboys, Edgar John  1992Stevenage District I18334
34 Worboys, Elsie Louisa  1988Stevenage District I14367
35 Worboys, Frank Ernest  1993Stevenage District I18331
36 Worboys, Frank Raymond  1981Stevenage District I14219