Our Family History

These pages contain the current state of our research into our family. I am interested in any of our ancestors and their descendants - i.e. our cousins. I usually do not follow up the ancestors of people who have married into the family. All questions, comments, additions and ...especially... corrections will be very gratefully received.

The picture above shows four generations of ancestors; (left to right) Susannah Gibson (née Fernley, 1835-1919), Janet Frances Turner (1910-1993), Frances Louisa Turner (née Green, 1883-1960) and Frances Green (née Gibson, 1863-1929).

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Tree last updated 31st January 2021.

Beard - Bray - Fagg - Hinton - Lewis - Murphy - Northfield - Turner


For reasons of privacy, I have omitted any living people (and a few others). If you find anyone else here who should have been omitted, please get in touch as soon as possible.